Friday, June 24, 2016

Teeth & Tongue - Dianne

Teeth & Tongue, otherwise known as the musical project fronted by New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Jess Cornelius, have just recently shared their new single called "Dianne", which as the single's press release simply states, is a song about being a teenager and experiencing bad shit. "Dianne" also serves as the first single to be lifted from Teeth & Tongue's forthcoming album, Give Up on Your Health, due out this September via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records (excluding North America where it will be released on Captured Tracks). For the album, Jess and her bandmats have teamed up with co-producer Haima Marriott (Banoffee, Architecture in Helsinki), whose knowledge of vintage synths came in handy when referencing Daft Punk and Giorgio Moroder. Vocally, it's intriguing, with Jess alternating between being warm and gentle, and cool and detached.

Speaking on the album, Jess explains:

"In the past I've written personal material, but this album is more about observation. I was reading essays by [American poet] Eileen Myles and she has this stream-of-consciousness style, no filter. I wanted to make an energetic dance-pop record, but with substance, the kind you'd put on when you're driving down the highway, forgetting all the stressful stuff."

Listen to "Dianne" below.

Pre-order Give Up on Your Health on iTunes and get "Dianne" instantly.

Premiere via FasterLouder.

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