Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ofelia K - Killing Me

There's no denying that Los Angeles-based songstress Ofelia K is indeed among one our longtime favorites here at WS headquarters. Since releasing her debut EP, Plastic Flower back in November of last year, Ofelia K has continued to release a steady stream of compelling indie pop gems, from "Cinco" to "I Love My Lawyer" to now her new single entitled "Killing Me", which is yet another wistful and delicate offering that further showcases her knack for producing beautiful music with lyrics that fit somewhere between an unrepressed journal entry and a comforting arm around your shoulder.

Speaking about the track, Ofelia K. says:

"'Killing Me' is about the strange paradox that those who love you the most can also hurt you the most. Loving deeply makes you vulnerable and the highs and lows can be extreme."

Listen to "Killing Me" below.

"Killing Me" will be released on July 29th via South by Sea Music.

Premiere via Consequence of Sound.

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