Friday, July 8, 2016

RAINE - Not the Same

Introducing Brooklyn-based alt-pop artist RAINE, otherwise known as the solo project of Jaqui Rae Stewart - who also plays synth and sings for dark-pop group Radclyffe Hall. Today, RAINE has unveiled her blissfully cinematic new single entitled "Not the Same", which was produced in collaboration with Mark Schwartz (protégé of Grammy-nominated producer Joel Hamilton) and Sam Burke (Clifflight, Radclyffe Hall) and also serves as the first single to lifted from her forthcoming debut EP, My Dreams, due out in October.

Speaking on her upcoming EP, RAINE says:

"'My Dreams' draws heavily from nature. I was raised on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up I spent a lot of time in the woods, or listening to the ocean, and thinking about things like love, death, and purpose. I tried to capture that time in these songs."

Listen to "Not the Same" below.

Premiere via Impose Magazine.

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