Thursday, July 7, 2016

Satellite Mode - Family

After having released their debut single, "Wild Excuses" this past November, which garnered critical acclaim throughout the blogosphere, including a feature in Noisey and a top 10 spot on Spotify's US Top 50 Viral songs as well as with follow-up singles "Aphrodite" and "Fair" also receiving widespread support, New York City-based electronic pop duo Satellite Mode, comprised of classically trained musicians Jess Carvo (vocals) and Alex Marko (production) are back with their newest offering entitled "Family", a track that uses ethereal synths and sultry vocals to express a deep longing for inner truth, personal change and a sense of oneness through a romantic relationships. The push and pull between two potential lovers and the often torturous feelings of vulnerability are highlighted throughout the verses of the track, while the choruses focus on the perceived perfection of life with a true soul mate.

Listen to "Family" below.

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