Monday, August 15, 2016

Effie Liu - Devil On My Shoulder

Brooklyn-based pink-haired pop siren Effie Liu is back with yet another upbeat electro-pop gem called "Devil On My Shoulder", which once again sees her collaborating with longtime producer Woodro Skillson (Melanie Fiona, Kid Cudi and Jhené Ai). The track also serves as the third single following "Best Side" and "Getaway" to be lifted from her forthcoming 7-song debut EP, Magenta Agenda, due for release on August 19th.

Speaking on the track, Effie Liu says:

"I wrote this song after having a huge fight with my mom. I grew up as the pink sheep of the family, and my mother has never been able to see why music is so important to me. It's ironic, because being an outsider is what motivates me to make music, but it's always hard to hear someone you love unconditionally not believe in what you’re doing, and she really got to me that day. The song is about bullying and how other people doubting you can make you question yourself. Writing this song was catharsis for me, and I hope it can help bring others out of those dark moments."

Listen to "Devil On My Shoulder" below.

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Premiere via Nicola Formichetti's Nicopanda blog.

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