Friday, August 19, 2016

Kyiki - Make Love, Live Free

KYIKI, otherwise known as the alter-ego of London-based singer/songwriter and producer (and Crystal Fighters backup vocalist) Eleanor Fletcher has today unveiled her brand new single entitled "Make Love, Live Free". A departure from hers previous offerings such as "Here For" and "We Are The Ocean". "Make Love, Live Free" is a hopeful and jubilant ode to summer, laden with uplifting, soaring melodies and infectious percussion. With a distinctly British take on the alt-pop genre; the heavy swells and depths of Kyiki's production and writing give an insight into the new territory she’s finding herself more naturally at home in.

Speaking on the track, Fletcher says:

"This is essentially my take on life, how I have often lived somewhat 'incorrectly' but prefer it that way. Essentially, I don't want to lose my immaturity and I believe there are positives to that way of thinking."

Listen to "Make Love, Live Free" along with Crystal Fighters' new single, "All Night", below.

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