Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Otis English - Young Kids, Old Love

Introducing Los Angeles-based newcomer Otis English, who has just unveiled his debut single called "Young Kids, Old Love". Otis English speaks to the darkness within while simultaneously dragging you into the light. With a big voice, beautifully twisted lyrics and a natural storyteller approach to performing, Otis has arrived in time to replenish the current well of truly meaningful artists. If his voice doesn’t break your heart, his lyrics, a window into his strange and nomadic history, definitely will.

Otis' upbringing was far from ordinary. His history reads more like a chain of mishaps and tragedies than it does the upbringing of a songwriter. From accidentally burning down his childhood home to watching his father’s health drastically deteriorate while living out of his car, Otis doesn't glaze over the negative and the challenging parts of life. Instead, he takes those experiences and makes them bloom into beautiful melodies. With a pen and a guitar, he turns discomfort into something beautiful and relatable.

Listen to "Young Kids, Old Love" below and stay tuned for more new music from Otis as is he currently preparing for the release of his debut EP, due out later this year via indie label, Crooked Paintings (Annabel Jones, STALGIA).

Premiere via Nylon.


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