Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue - Pink Flamingos (Yours Truly)

There's not too many artist out there right now who can quite capture that distinct sound that was first laid by out by our dearly beloved Prince and do it so effortlessly but one who definitely can is Brooklyn's own Pink Flamingo Rhythm Review, otherwise known as the new project of Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn of Ghost Beach. Having recently been featured as a guest vocalist on French Horn Rebellion's latest track, "Day By Day", as well as Violet Sands' "Lift Me Up", the future-funk maestro has today unveiled his first original offering called "Pink Flamingos (Yours Truly)", a song about being out of your element. The playful tongue-in-cheek track explores the difference between who you pretend to be and who you really are. Now signed to singles label, Ensemble Records, we simply cannot wait to her what Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue releases next.

Listen to "Pink Flamingos (Yours Truly)" below.

Premiere via Earmilk.


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