Friday, August 5, 2016

The Green Children - Dreamers

The Green Children, comprised of Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan, are a Norwegian/English duo who write and self-produce ethereal music inspired by the notion of their music bringing peace and love to the world. The two first met at Sir Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts where young Milla and Marlow soon discovered their shared a passion for philanthropy. Inspired by the work of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Professor Muhammad Yunus, the duo helped open the first eye hospital in rural Bangladesh - raising over $400,000 with the release of their debut single, "Hear Me Now". Soon they signed a record deal with Jackson Browne's Spinside to raise funds and awareness for Whole Planet Foundation through distribution at Whole Foods Market. Their debut album Encounter, was nominated in the first round of voting for a US Grammy Award in two categories; "Best New Artist" and "Best Pop Vocal Album." While immersed in the countryside, the duo proceeded to produce an official remix for chart toppers Foster the People, while also working on their sophomore album entitled Connection, which garnered rave reviews from countless media outlets.

2015 proved to be a wildly popular year for the duo thanks to the viral success of their hit single, "Norwegian Dream". Along with their live performance on God Morgen Norge and headlining show at the legendary Joe’s Pub (New York City), Marlow and Milla were guests on Huffington Post Live and launched their "Are We Alone" app with partners Bill Nye The Science Guy, The Planetary Society, Yale University, Visit Norway and Amoeba Music.

Today. the pair return with their new single called "Dreamers", a breathtaking piece or bouncy electronic pop with Milla's gorgeous vocals taking center stage. "Dreamers" also serves as the first single to be taken from the The Green Children's forthcoming third album.

"Through the cold winter months, and now into the summer, Marlow and I have been bottled up in our Norwegian studio making the music that we love! As always, it's been a blessing to create music together as our minds and vision are uniquely similar. We thank you for all the outpouring of love. For the new fans from around the world, to the folks that have been by our side from the start, your response to our music over the years has given us the motivation to keep doing what we love... and there is no greater gift than that." - Milla

Listen to "Dreamers" below.

"Dreamers" is available now on iTunes.

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