Saturday, August 6, 2016

Viigo - Party Lights

Scattered between New Jersey and Los Angeles, Viigo is an electronic duo comprised of vocalist MJ Hancock and mult-instrumentalist/producer Michael McGinnis. Formed in April 2015, the pair have quickly cooked up a string of tracks packed with intense beats and big hooks, incorporating elements of pop, electronica and R&B.

Their first release "Move" began as a beat and soon morphed into an introspective meditation on recent changes in MJ's life, while follow-up singles such as "Beautiful", "Move", and more recently "Paranoia" also document the spectrum of emotions associated with life's unexpected twists and turns.

Today, Viigo returns to share with us their latest single, "Party Lights". Opening with an almost hurried pace and a flurry of tones, the mood shifts to a suave bassline and shimmery synths halfway through. Layered instrumentals become progressively more elaborate and abstract, building upon each other before fading into one last echo of “party lights."

Listen to "Party Lights" below.

"Party Lights" is out now via 10K Islands and available on iTunes.

Premiere via Impose Magazine.

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