Saturday, August 6, 2016

VOKES - Fractalism (EP)

Los Angeles-based alt-soul singer and producer Mike Harris, aka VOKES has just released his long-awaited debut EP titled Fractalism, which was written and recorded between the months of May 2015 and January 2016 and was inspired by the unique visual properties of fractal art, which VOKES says is the best visual representation of his music. The six-song collection includes his previous released singles, "Cruel Game", "Value", "Slow Down" and "Backroad" (featuring Nevve) as well as two more standout tracks, "Cravings" and "Wrong".

Speaking on the release, VOKES says:

"Something about that caught my eye and seemed to sync with the stories and productions I was beginning to create. I had written a large body of songs before I started VOKES but this EP was the first time I discovered my sound and what seemed identifiable to me as an artist. The Fractalism EP is based around a personal narrative of relationships that kept falling apart and restarting seemingly at the same time."

Listen to both "Cravings" and "Wrong" below.

Purchase a copy of VOKES' Fractalism EP on iTunes.

Premiere via Indie Current.

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