Thursday, September 29, 2016

Girlhood - My Boy

Introducing Girlhood, a brand new London-based duo that features production from Christian Pinchbeck (formally of the band Elephant) and the vocal talents of Kenya-raised singer Tessa Cavanna. Having first met towards the end of 2015, it was the right moment for the pair's paths to cross; Christian was looking for a new creative outlet after having suffered broken hearts and broken bones when his previous band split whilst Tessa wanted to work on something removed from her neo-soul roots.

"I grew tired of playing instruments, of familiar sounds and techniques," explains Christian. "I wanted music to seem alien again, to reignite that spark. I sold my laptop and bought an iPad and some homemade sampling apps and starting messing about with different cuts, using touch technology and manipulating sound waves in real time. This birthed a new exciting way to write and when I met Tessa things just fell into place."

Bonding over a shared love of Barry White, The Fugees and late 80s hip hop, Girlhood record at Christian's narrow boat "Molotov" on London’s Regents Canal, and are currently working on their debut EP, which is slated for release in early 2017 via Team Talk Records.

Listen to their debut single "My Boy" below.

"My Boy" will be released on November 1st.

Premiere via Loud and Quiet Magazine.

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