Thursday, September 15, 2016

Meadowlark - Headlights

Following the release of their two previous singles "Paraffin" and "Quicksand", both of which have earned them widespread acclaim for their captivating melodies and lush production, Bristol-based duo Meadowlark, comprised of Kate McGill (vocals & keys) and Dan Broadley (guitars) now return today with their new single called "Headlights", which in their own words is a song that looks back on a relationship and questions the decisions, the regrets and the love that came from it. Was it all really that simple? Did we really feel that way? Was it flawed from the beginning? "Headlights" also serves as yet another taste of what to expect from the duo's much-anticipated debut album which is set to arrive in early 2017.

Listen to "Headlights" below.

"Headlights" is out now via Believe Recordings and available on iTunes.

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