Wednesday, September 14, 2016

RAINE - My Dreams

Having made quite an impression on us earlier this summer with her previous two singles, "Not The Same" and "Age Of Innocence", Brooklyn-based alt-pop artist Jaqui Rae Stewart, aka RAINE (who also plays synth and sings for dark-pop group Radclyffe Hall) now returns with the unveiling of her cinematic and enchanting new single called "My Dreams", which once again sees her collaborating with producers Mark Schwartz (protégé of Grammy-nominated producer Joel Hamilton) and Sam Burke (Clifflight, Radclyffe Hall). "My Dreams" also serves as the title track off her forthcoming debut EP, due for release on October 28th.

Speaking on the track, RAINE says:

"'My Dreams' is about a dream I had of a woman who came to me and told me exactly who I was going to be. It was the most beautiful feeling - like meeting your ideal self and knowing what life would be like without doubt or fear for the future. I believe dreams come from our subconscious, so it's almost like I can't take credit for writing this one. I just tried to capture the incredible feeling of hope this dream gave me. "

Listen to "My Dreams" below.

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