Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Golden Coast - Comeback Kid

Los Angeles-based indie pop duo Golden Coast, comprised Denny White and Steven Mudd, return today with their brand new underdog anthem called "Comeback Kid". The second single following "Recess" to be lifted from their upcoming debut EP due out in November, "Comeback Kid" sports the best of everything the pair has to offer: a danceable beat, hooky leads, anthemic sing-along breaks and just the right amount of head nod. If any of the other songs on the EP are half as infectious, we've got a pretty good feeling about this.

Speaking on the track, Mudd says:

"There's a sentiment that we're here to stay and do what we do. Whether this person or that person is on board doesn't really matter. If you keep doing your thing, people will eventually gravitate to your consistency...[It's] kind of a plea or charge to the listener to keep doing what they think they were put on earth to do."

Listen to "Comeback Kid" below.

Premiere via PopCrush.


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