Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lovestarrs - WTF (Pop Culture)

Hailing from Hampshire, UK, electro-pop duo Lovestarrs, comprised of siblings Sarah and Hamish McIntosh (both of whom were also former members of The Good Natured), have just shared the music video for their new single called "WTF (Pop Culture)", which also serves as the third single following "Somebody Like You" and "Get Your Sexy On" to be lifted from their very much-anticipated debut full-length titled Planet Lovestarr, due out this November via DEFDISCO. "WTF (Pop Culture)" is an 80’s Italo Disco infused track with its sexy-cool vocal and cheeky lyrics. Taking inspiration from Depeche Mode, the song is an observation of celebrity culture on social media, and people’s addiction to it. Heavy on the synthesizer with its infectious hooks, the song is a brilliant example of classic pop songwriting.

Speaking on the track, Sarah explains:

"I am often surprised to hear of things celebrities have done or said, for example Kanye West for president, Donald Trump’s vision to build a wall between America and Mexico, or Kylie Jenner sucking a shot glass to bruise her lips to epic proportions. Honestly, what the fuck is going on? What a crazy world we live in."

Watch the video for "WTF (Pop Culture)" below.

"WTF (Pop Culture)" will be released tomorrow (October 21st). Pre-order on iTunes.

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