Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stef Lang - Stronger #Dare2Express

After having just released her new EP titled Arrows, Part. 2 back in mid-August, 27-year-old New York City-based singer/songwriter and producer Stef Lang now returns to present us with her empowering new alt-pop ballad called "Stronger", which sees her teaming up with #Dare2Express, a campaign and charity that seeks to raises awareness on depression, trauma and mental illness. Written and produced by Lang herself, "Stronger" is based on her own personal experiences with mental health and depression.

Speaking on the track, Lang explains:

"At 18, I experienced severe depression for almost 6 months. I stopped working, writing, singing and literally would not leave my house. For some unknown reason, I completely shut everybody out and wouldn't talk to anyone. I didn't eat, I wouldn't sleep... Most days I'd have uncontrollable emotional break downs and wonder around my house feeling like a ghost. I had boxed myself in for so long to the point where I felt completely brain dead. At my lowest point, I wanted to drown in my tub."

"After seeking help with doctors, therapy etc... I learned that the best thing I could do was to educate myself. Reading about mental illness gave me knowledge and it gave me a power over what I was experiencing. Recovering was possible when I made a conscious decision to NOT give up on myself. Believing that I was STRONGER than what I was dealing with was truly what helped me become a champion, not a victim. Dealing with depression is still something I have to keep at bay every single day... And I have so many wonderful, beautiful, brilliant people in my life that have similar struggles with mental health. This is why this cause is so important to me. I believe talking about mental health saves lives and I believe music heals. I'm sharing my story with no filters.

Listen to "Stronger" below.

"Stronger" is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play (all proceeds from the sale of the single go to Dare2Express).

Premiere via Baeble Music.


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