Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Izzy Flynn - Faith

London-based artist and composer Izzy Flynn is not someone who can easily be boxed. Having trained in jazz at Leeds College of Music where she now lectures musical composition and technology, Izzy’s own style is a fusion of the freeform musicality of her learning and the structural accuracy of Da Vinci’s body series. Izzy has also performed around the world as a member of all-star Hip-Hop group, Abstract Orchestra, who have recently supported Mos Def, De La Soul and Afrika Bambaataa. Not just a singer/songwriter, Izzy takes inspiration from her icon Joni Mitchell, and realises that an artist is someone who is aware of a project complete. While she writes both the music and lyrics, she also performs all keyboard, synth, lead vocal and backing vocals herself. She is heavily involved in the music production and her own artistic styling.

Now after having first came to our attention earlier this year with her debut single, "Medicine", Izzy returns with her spellbinding new offering entitled "Faith", which also serves as the lead single and title track off her forthcoming EP. Due for release on November 18th, "Faith" progresses from a minimal piano-vocal structure to a rich, textured piece of electronic bliss. Produced by one half of Majik and Dom from Submotion Orchestra, each musician has brought an element from their own artistic background. Izzy lays a crystalline piano foundation, while the two electronic maestro's employ gloriously modulated chords and arpeggios resulting in a wonderful tapestry of futuristic sounds.

Listen to "Faith" below.

Premiere via PopMatters.

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