Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mere Child - Jot of Joy

Introducing Brighton-based singer/songwriter Aimee Herbert-Smith, aka Mere Child, who has just recently unveiled her sophomore offering entitled "Jot of Joy", an emotional electronic pop song born out of the experiences of losing somebody you love.

Speaking on the track, Aimee says:

"This song was written around a phrase given to me by my late father - 'Every jot of joy is worth a hundred moments of despair'. Watching someone you love suffer changes a person and when you're surrounded by a world of darkness and pain it can be hard to find any happiness, even in the smallest of moments. Having always lived by the sea it has felt like my safe place to escape to. Through all the moments of my despair I craved the sense of weightlessness you feel in the sea. So, When I wrote the track, I wanted it to echo these feelings."

Listen to "Jot of Joy" below and expect to hear a lot more from Mere Child in 2017.

"Jot of Joy" is out now via Seahorse Music and available on iTunes.

Premiere via The Line of Best Fit.

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