Monday, January 9, 2017

Denny White - Traces

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Denny White, who is also on half of indie pop duo Golden Coast, has just shared his latest solo offering called "Traces", the follow-up to "Sweetness" and "Psycho", both released last year. Produced, played and written entirely by himself, White once again proves himself to be a modern day renaissance man as he seamlessly blends together a hybrid of synths, organic elements, and spring verb soaked guitars to produce a song reminiscent of classic folk anthems mixed with modern touches and broad appeal.

Speaking on the track, Denny says:

"'Traces' has to be one of my favorite songs that I've ever written and produced. Originally, it was a more stripped down guitar driven song, but the first session completely crashed, forcing me to re-record everything. The synth polyrhythm you hear on it now was me trying to figure out the chords again, but I accidentally started playing the wrong inversions over the root note, so there's a slight dissonance if you listen closely. Somehow it worked and I left those wrong chords over the top. This happy mistake took the song in a whole new direction, and now I wish for more of them."

Listen to "Traces" below.

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