Monday, January 16, 2017

Nia Wyn - Help Me

Introducing promising newcomer Nia Wyn, who grew up in a small town in North Wales where she found solace in old blues and soul records that she found in junk shops. Using these muses to craft similar songs of personal experience, the young artist has captured something vivid and compelling. On her debut song, "Help Me", Nia combines her love of blues and soul music with her talent for raw and powerful storytelling to sing about fighting her demons and the realities and stigmas she comes up against that immediately define her as a form of heroine, but one that’s present and relatable. It's a very difficult thing to create, but Nia just somehow seems to have it. The raw gem of a girl from Wales can’t help but mark herself out as an excitingly different and real new talent to watch in 2017.

Speaking on the track, Nia explains:

"I wanted to write about what it feels like to be in a really dark space mentally and trying to hide it from everyone because you're scared of what people will think; it’s me trying to find a way out of the madness."

Listen to "Help Me" below.

Premiere via Clash.

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