Friday, February 17, 2017

Julietta - Beach Break

Following the release of her exceptional debut EP, Conquest in mid-2015 as well as her recent collaboration with Hypercolor on "Animal", New York City-based artist Julia Libani, aka Julietta returns today with her new single called "Beach Break". Co-written with Jack Goodman and Stray Echo and produced by Oliver Knives, the jaunty and upbeat alt-pop tune features actual field recordings of the jungle in Nicaragua where the song was recorded.

Speaking on the track, Julietta says:

"It comes from an honest place. It's a direct translation of the emotions Jack and I had while we were at Maderas. The sounds in the opening of the song are the sounds that came from the jungle outside our windows. It's just super real and raw. That's how I hope to continue making music."

Listen to "Beach Break" below.

"Beach Break" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Interview Magazine.

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