Friday, March 3, 2017

Starling - Large It

London-based singer/songwriter Starling returns today with her new single and video (directed by Director Paulo Berberan) for "Large It", which also serves as the second track following "No Rest for the Wicked" to be taken from her forthcoming EP, The Body, due out on March 31st via Distiller Records.

Co-written with Eg White (Adele, Florence + the Machine and Dua Lipa), "Large It" is chock-full of attitude. "It's unapologetic," Starling says. In fact unapologetic is the key to what makes Starling so special. Her songs are full of life, detailing both the highs and lows with an unflinching dexterity that dares the listener to come closer and enter her world.

Speaking more about the track, Starling explains:

"'Large It' means everything and nothing. It's a song about getting wrecked and not giving a shit. But on a deeper note it reflects the turning point of my liberation. Caring not about what people think and more about what I think. How I feel, feeling alive and feeling free. I feel quite empowered to have grown out of my seriousness and the past on my shoulders. It feels fun to own my weirdness and not try to be an idea of myself. Another step towards owning my own misfit. Hope it inspires people to do the same."

Watch the video for "Large It" below.

Premiere via Clash.

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