Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pr0files - Money

Los Angeles-based electronic pop duo Pr0files, comprised of Lauren Pardini (vocals/keys) and Danny Sternbaum (producer/guitars), make a welcome return today with their first new single of 2017 called "Money", the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album, Jurassic Technologie, released last year. To date, the pair has garnered over three million streams on Spotify and Soundcloud combined, while retaining full-control of their creative output as a truly independent project, both writing and producing all of their music themselves. Lyrically "Money" taps into the duo’s journey as an independent act and the challenges that have come with it. It’s meant to be an anthem for anyone who has struggled with the fear or failure or who has experienced disappointments but not letting those fears control you or determine the future. "Money" features sumptuous synths with dream-pop production and is a testament to Pr0files' enduring spirit and knack for creating earworms.​​​​​​​

Listen to "Money" below.

Premiere via The Line of Best Fit.


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