Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lola Moon - Those Beautiful Boys

Introducing avant-garde artist Lauren Talbot, aka Lola Moon, who has recently shared her debut single called "Those Beautiful Boys". 

At the tender age of 20-year-old, Lola Moon moved to Berlin from her native UK to link up with her producer and co-writer Kris Steininger. The motive was to carefully develop her own eclectic style and signature orchestral sounds, combining it with the pulsating electronic beats and analogue synths that Berlin has become legendary for.

On "Those Beautiful Boys", Lola Moon showcases her ability to balance her music between a soft delivery and an impactful message that combines her own ethereal world with a classic orchestra, putting into sound what goes on in the deepest, darkest corners of her imagination. "Those Beautiful Boys" highlights the beauty and struggle of living in two worlds that often crash into one another. It is elegantly stark, menacing and remains with you long after first listen.

Speaking on the track, Lola explains:

"My aim was to write a song about how society shapes our mind concepts about the false identification over materialism and status and looks and how secretly most of us long to free themselves from these wicked judgments towards others and mostly ourselves. The zeitgeist we live in is all about the illusionary chase of perfection. I wanted to give a voice to a generation that is longing for more truth. I hope this song embodies what many of us feel but fear to share."

Lola Moon’s debut single is released through SuperNatural Recordings, a brand new London label set up by Angus Blair, the music industry executive behind the signings of hugely successful artists such as Bat for Lashes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Jungle amongst many others spanning the last 20 years. "Those Beautiful Boys" was mixed by London-based legend Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, Nine Inch Nails, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

Listen to "Those Beautiful Boys" below.

"Those Beautiful Boys" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via BlackBook.


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