Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Stalking Gia - Siren

After having entranced us last year with her previous offerings, "Young Diana" and "Second Nature", the latter which quickly garnered support from tastemakers, including Noisey, Galore, and The 405, among others, and has so far reached well-over 5 million plays on Spotify, prolific 23-year-old New York City-based songstress Stalking Gia now returns with her latest single called "Siren", an ethereal and hypnotizing, mermaid-inspired alt-pop song which was written by Gia herself, along with Joni Fatora and Noise Club.

"I could have been a Siren in a past life. This is what I realized when writing this song by the sea in East Hampton," says Gia of the song's origins. "I've always been fascinated by the mythology of Sirens - devious creatures that resemble mermaids, but use their voice to enchant sailors and incite them to wreck. Alone in the Hamptons, I felt the need to embody a Siren. I would watch the sea, glaring into the water, mustering up my siren scream. The scene in Romeo and Juliet, where they lock eyes through the fish tank visually inspired this song. We watched this on loop as we wrote. The first verse is an inquiry on attraction. What is unspoken when you lock eyes and are hypnotized by that moment?"

Listen to "Siren" below.

Premiere via Marie Claire.


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