Thursday, May 11, 2017

Paperwhite - Only Us

New York City-based brother/sister duo Paperwhite, comprised of Katie and Ben Marshall, continue to impress with their new single called "Only Us", another lush and expansive electronic pop masterpiece that also serves as the third track to be lifted from their forthcoming third EP, due out later this year. "Only Us" once again tap into the pair's progressive dreampop sound, opening with a burst of emotive synths before Katie's vocals usher in an undulating bass line that's nothing short of uplifting, as she shouts a call to action on the repeated hook with "it was only us."

"Whether it's a global issue or a broken heart, we tend to look back with nostalgia on times that were simpler," Katie says about the song. "With change comes courage, so even with heavy lyrics, we wanted to add a little Paperwhite electricity into the mix. What better way to move forward than with a little spring in your step?"

Listen to "Only Us" below.

"Only Us" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via BlackBook Magazine.

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