Thursday, July 6, 2017

Butter - For Kate I Wait

Introducing Butter, otherwise known as the alter-ego of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Lola Blanc, who has just released her debut single, "For Kate I Wait", a cover of fellow LA-based artist Ariel Pink's original track. Produced by Nick Huntington, who is also the mastermind behind such projects as Freescha and Night Sequels, "For Kate I Wait" is an eclectic pop gem that is slightly provocative and coy at once, and will no doubt catapult you back to the days of 80's Madonna. Rest assured though, Butter is no mere imitation of classic siren-songstresses as she gives the impression that she doesn't play by genre rules, but invents her own.

"Butter's sort of my alter-ego, the place I can go to experiment with pop and try different things that wouldn’t necessarily fit under the Lola umbrella. Butter is a little shinier, but still kind of weird," says Lola of her alter-ego. "I grew up performing as a ventriloquist, and I was Mormon, so it's just sort of in my blood to always want to be a little weird. I love pop music, but I like to stay on the outer fringe of pop."

Speaking on why she chose to cover Ariel Pink's "For Kate I Wait" as her first release as Butter, Lola says:

"'For Kate I Wait' is a cover of a song by Ariel Pink that I thought would sound amazing with a female vocal on it. Ariel is signed to the same publisher as I am, and Ariel and I know each other, so it was just the natural thing to do."

Listen to "For Kate I Wait" below.

"For Kate I Wait" is available now on iTunes.

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