Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Eloïse - Marie Antoinette

18-year-old London-based newcomer Eloïse has recently unveiled her new single entitled "Marie Antoinette" which also serves as the title track from her 4-song debut EP, out now. Eloïse first introduced herself at the end of 2016 with the tracks "Studio 54" and "Like The Way", giving listeners a first insight into her unique sound. Still studying for her A Levels, Eloïse continue to defy her youth with incredible poetic and emotional maturity; and her soaring vocals recall the intensity of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid with the streetwise swagger of Lana Del Rey.

Eloïse’s extravagant style is a reflection of the world she’s living in. She transforms the mundane into something beautiful and tragic, while forever striving to evade the Instagram-filtered veil of pop culture and reveal something raw and honest. The new track takes a cynical view of the cliché 'crime of passion' ideology, a tongue-in-cheek criticism of so many fictional depictions of women in love and the results of which reduces them to irrational, blindly devoted players. The song incorporates an ironic darkness throughout and the spacious washes and echo-laden vocals further add to the impending sense of unease and menace. "Marie Antoinette" represents the continued refinement of Eloïse’s distinctive blend of pop and electronica and is unmistakably a new triumph for this exceptional new talent.

Listen to "Marie Antoinette" below.


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