Thursday, July 20, 2017

Two Times Twice - Woman Scorned

Introducing Berlin-based hip-hop/pop duo Two Times Twice, who have just recently unveiled the music video for their single "Woman Scorned", which is lifted from their recently released 4-song debut EP Trial and Error.

Having formed towards the end of 2015, Two Times Twice is comprised of Sarah Magill, a poet and rapper from London who previously had success in rap battle competitions and wrote a satirical rap about the 2015 UK election which was featured on ITV London News, and Edyta Rogowska, from Poland, who is a classically trained Pianist and singer whose musical style is reminiscent of Kate Bush, Soko and heavily influenced by her icon David Bowie. Brought together by their singing teacher Valerie Renay, Edyta and Sarah soon found that not only their sounds, but their souls, hearts and ideas connected to make a formidable musical partnership. Together, they make music which traverses multiple genres in a way which reflects both of their eclectic musical backgrounds and tastes. Their songs are a unique synthesis of singer-songwriter style with hip hop and poetry and every song has a meaning or tells a story. It is music which represents the meeting of two minds from different countries with very different, yet at the same time very similar backgrounds. As artists, Two Times Twice believe it is important to cooperate with and to support other artists.

Watch the video for "Woman Scorned", directed by Michal Zak and Semjon Bakroew, below.

Purchase a copy of Two Times Twice's Trial and Error EP on iTunes.

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