Friday, October 27, 2017

Lial - Heart Scars

Introducing London-based singer/songwriter Lial, who has today released her debut single called "Heart Scars", a melodic and haunting electronic alt-pop song which was produced in collaboration with Lux Pyramid.

Speaking on the track, Lial explains:

"I wrote 'Heart Scars' as an expression of the human ability to keep going back for more; We are made up of the people we have loved, and the hurts we have received; Every single person carries their own scars from relationships, friendships, grief and loss and yet we carry on putting ourselves in harm's way for love, in spite of the scars we know we will gain. It's almost like we walk into the wounds each time, ready for more, and as soon as they heal into scars we do it again, but the new shapes on our hearts don't disappear."

Listen to "Heart Scars" below.

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