Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nedelle Torrisi - Rich Kid's World

Following her previous single, "Love to the Limit", which was released this past November, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Nedelle Torrisi is back with her latest offering called "Rich Kid's World", a dazzling slice or R&B-infused dream-pop that also serves as the second single to be lifted from her forthcoming album, Only For You, due out on May 18th via Frenchkiss Records

Speaking on the track, Nedelle says:

'Rich Kid's World' is about dreaming for the sake of dreaming, even when things are rough. It's about resisting the capitalist notion that if you buy things, you're getting closer to your dreams. But really the dream is always inside you."

Listen to "Rich Kid's World" below.

Pre-order Only For You on iTunes and get both "Rich Kid's World" and "Love To The Limit" instantly.

Premiere via Uproxx.


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