Wednesday, March 28, 2018

SUMif - Say

2018 is quickly shaping up to be a banner year for San Francisco-based singer/songwriter and producer Steph Wells, aka SUMif, who earlier this year released her 8-song debut EP, Pretty Cage which she soon followed up with her single, "Love Shop", released exactly one month ago today. Now she returns with yet another stellar electronic pop gem called "Say", a song that we honestly cannot seem to get enough of as we have had it on repeat at least a dozen times already.

Speaking on the track, SUMif explains:

"'Say' is a nod to that those inner conflicts that everyone has experienced. When every bone in your body wants something or someone, but you’re a little scared of what that means. It’s that moment where you feel a shift, and give in. It’s transformative."

Listen to "Say" below.

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"Say" is available now on iTunes.

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