Wednesday, April 18, 2018

STORME - Volcano

London-based duo STORME, comprised of vocalist Amanda Liedberg and producer Gabriele Mazza, have today unveiled their first offering of 2018 called "Volcano", the follow-up to their debut single, "Burning Echoes" released last year. Showcasing a beautiful combination of icy cool vocals and intricate production, "Volcano" is scandi-pop at its very finest.

Speaking on the track, Liedberg says:

"I was at one of my lowest points when I wrote 'Volcano.' I'd just been left by someone and was completely broken. Days passed, and I figured out the only way to stop the waterfall of tears was to go deeper into myself - that was the only way out. I pictured a stronger force, something I could clutch onto. Now that I was alone - I had to hold on to something bigger within - and it became my saviour, my volcano. The song can mean anything to whoever's listening to it - we just want to make people feel, see the truth and dream – and, when the darkest days come, we want to inspire you to find your own 'Volcano' and let it guide you."

Listen to "Volcano" below.

"Volcano" is available now on iTunes.

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