Friday, July 20, 2018

Rén with the Mane - Changes

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Renée Orshan, aka Rén with the Mane (formerly know as simply just RÉN), continues to deliver the goods her latest indie pop masterpiece entitled "Changes", the follow-up to her previous single, "Already Gone" which was released back in early March and received praise from our friends over at Going Solo and Buzzfeed.

Speaking on the track, RÉN says:

"I was riding the subway and some lady with just a couple of teeth smiled at me and said 'time waits for no one'. It was such a profound thing to say to a stranger. I felt like she was sent to me for inspiration... so yea, I threw that line in there. A lot of my songs have a similar theme about letting go of things, people, jobs, and relationships that aren't serving you and 'Changes' is just that. Life is an experience that we all get to ride. Through my music, I'm encouraging us to do more, take chances, have more fun, and be better human beings."

Listen to "Changes" below.

"Changes" is available now on iTunes.

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