Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Olga Polikowska - Ulatuje

Polish electro-pop artist Olga Polikowska has just recently unveiled the music video for her disco-infused debut single, "Ulatuje". After years of performing and working with other musicians, Olga began working on her own solo project. To curate her sound, she drafted Polish producer Szatt (Producer of Kroki). Directly translated into English, the title means "She's Flying Away" - a reference to the need to disappear into thin air and suddenly remove yourself from a situation. Drawing on influences from 80's synth-pop, disco and soulful house, it's an emphatic announcement onto the scene with a distinct style and unique influences. One for fans of a nu-disco, soulful house style, this is a tune that (even if you don't speak Polish) is best served with ice, on a beach or somewhere where the weather is warm. Olga's debut EP is slated to drop early next year via European label, FONOBO.

Speaking on the track, Olga says:

"I had the privilege of playing with some irreplaceable and talented people like Patryk Walczak (drummer, performing with Natalia Moskal) and Łukasz Maron (music producer) - I wouldn't change it for the world."

Watch the video for "Ulatuje" below.


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