Thursday, August 16, 2018

Saya - Played Out

23-year-old Toronto-based chanteuse Saya has just unveiled her brand new single called "Played Out", an upbeat, R&B-infused pop masterpiece which also serves as the second single following "Side Ting" to be taken from her upcoming Sugar Coated EP, which is due for release on September 6th.

"It's probably my favorite track off the EP," Saya says. "At the time I wrote it I was going through a tough break up and it highlights the series of conversations we had. I feel like during the relationship I was still learning to love myself and there were many times where I allowed my ex to make me feel insignificant. I love this song because I watched it grow into something powerful and renewing in a sense. I've never made a dance song before and I’m happy I got to make it on my own terms, as it is something different for me. The song is a celebration of being able to accept that the relationship was done and being able to let it go."

Listen to "Played Out" below.

"Played Out" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via The Fader.

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