Friday, November 2, 2018

Lucy Neville - Wasting Our Time

Having released a string of successful singles so far this year, including "Shameless", "Ransom" and "Waiting For You", 22-year-old Sydney-based singer/songwriter Lucy Neville keeps the momentum going by today unveiling her latest offering called "Wasting Our Time", an dazzling and intoxicating electro-pop bop with a beat determined to make you dance.

Speaking on the track, Lucy says:

"I wrote 'Wasting Our Time' about an almost-lover. Some loves are meant to last a lifetime, so only for a moment. I'm reflecting on a moment in time when I met an old friend, all ground up. For a moment it was something more, until it wasn't. I think we've al had one of those loves."

Listen to "Wasting Our Time" below.

"Wasting Our Time" is available now on iTunes.

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