Sunday, May 12, 2019

Songs I Missed While I Was Away

In an effort to get caught up here is another roundup of pop gems that were released while I was away these past few weeks taking care of some family business. Enjoy!

Chelcee Grimes - "Girls"

Cat Janice - "Crypto Kids"

DAXX - "Golden Gate"

Emily Brophy - "Never Be Enough"

Emily Chambers - "Real Talk"

FELIN - "Woman With A Knife"

FrankK - "Cream"

Hedara - "Slow"

Jamie-Rose - "SCVBA"

Jazz Morley - "Parallel World"

Jules - "R u rly sorry?"

Knightly - "Never Get Mad"

Kohla - "Pxrxdise"

Laur Elle - "Just So You Know"

Lea Love - "Way I Am"

Leena Regan - "Ghost Town"

lennixx - "Shiver"

Lexi Mariah - "Strange"

Lo Lo (feat. DCF) - "Stranger's Arms"

Lola Blanc - "Angry Too"

Lorelei Marcell - "The Truth"

Luna May - "Aftermath"

MAJRO - "In My Way"

Maryze - "B.O.Y."

Nina Luna - "Out of My Hands"

Olivia Frances - "Porcelain"

Rachel Maria Cox - "Prosecco"

Sex and Violets - "VHS"

Simone - "Game Boy"

Sizzy Rocket - "DANG"

Suzy Jones - "Final Piece"

Teddi Gold - "Video Games"

ZOË - "Vulnerability Hangover"

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