Monday, July 15, 2019

Wes Reeve - Honey, I

Introducing Los Angles-based singer/songwriter Wes Reeve. who has just released her debut single called "Honey, I", a mesmerising track that encapsulates the tone of her songwriting beautifully. Simply crafted and effortlessly intimate "Honey, I" exists in a dreamlike world – the world inside of Wes Reeve's head . All of Reeve's songs are written through a stream of consciousness and draw heavily from childhood memories and classic fairy tale narratives. Her whole aesthetic is based deeply in make-believe and otherworldly experience, and she also illustrates her own artwork and directs and produces her own videos with a comforting home-made feel.

Speaking on the track, Wes says:

"'Honey, I' is about the mind changing good things into bad things. Youlre in a beautiful meadow where the sun is shining and there are butterflies landing on your shoulders and wolves letting you pet them, and then suddenly, without warning, it’s pouring with rain, the butterflies are gone and the wolves are bearing their teeth at you. A stranger looking into the meadow will say that he saw you create the storm. I wrote this song about my friend."

Listen to "Honey, I" below.

"Honey, I" is available now on Amazon Music.

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