Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Elle Charms - Better Love

22 year-old Devon-born artist-to-watch Elle Charms returns today with her new single called "Better Love", produced by London-based Measure For Measure (Emily Burns, Badgirl$). Full of powerhouse vocals and the potential for true popstardom, "Better Love" follows the release of her impressive debut "Lie With Me" and is a confident second offering from Elle Charms tackling the notion of a relationship coming to an end - "Go find yourself a better love, there is nothing left in here". The track builds to an up-tempo chorus whilst the stripped back verse shows of Elle's beautiful vocal performance.

Speaking on the track, Elle says:

"I wrote this about my ex, he was super toxic and I was hurt. He never loved me enough to just let me go, he was selfish and kept me around as he just wanted someone there. It took me ages to figure that out and then come to terms with that, so I wrote this song from his perspective, put myself in his shoes and said all the things I had always wanted him to say to me and gave myself the closure he could never give me."

"Better Love" is released on 37 Adventures, the boutique label known for launching the careers of exciting and diverse female pop talent including Emily Burns, Rosie Lowe and JONES, and the same team under the label 679 with Marina (and the Diamonds), The Streets and Plan B.

Listen to "Better Love" below.

"Better Love" is available now on all streaming platforms. Get it here.

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