Friday, November 1, 2019

New Music Friday #129

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Alex Winston - "Wash"

ALMA (feat. Tove Lo) - "Worst Behavior"

Amy Guess - "Holy Hell"

Audrey Mika - "Fake Heartbreak"

BENEE - "Monsta"

Bessie Turner - "Down 2"

bigfatbig - "Science"

BINX - "The Hills"

Blossom Caldarone - "Bed"

Bossy Love - "Girlfriend"

Brittin Lane - "Starting Over"

Callaghan Belle - "Sovereign"

Cassie Marin - "Love Me Well"

Charlie Taylor - "Bored"

Chela - "Spirit Rich"

Chianne - "Flames"

Chloe Tang - "I'd Kill"

Claudia Bouvette - "You're Coming Back to Me"

Dove Cameron - "So Good"

Ellen Krauss - "Let Me Have It"

Elley Duhé - "VILLAINS"

Emily Burns - "Is It Just Me?"

Foley - "Cola"

Franny - "Lie To Me"

GL - "Contagious"

Haarlo - "Crossfire"

Haiku Hands (feat. Mad Zach) - "Onset"

HALIE - "Good Kids"

Hamzaa - "Write It Down"

HEBE - "Haunting Me"

Helen - "Bloodfire"

Janet Devlin - "Saint Of The Sinners"

Kiesza - "You're The Best"

KLP - "Stranded"

Laney Lynx - "Bad Attitudes"

La Roux - "International Woman Of Leisure"

Lena Leon - "I'm Not"

Lennon Stella - "Kissing Other People"

Loote - "All the Fucking Time"

LP Giobbi (feat. TT The Artist) - "Jungle Queen"

Madge - "Cry a Lil"

Marie Lang - "Body"


Matilda - "Let It Go"

MELANIE? - "Yeah Yeah"

Mïrändä - "Formula"

Naah (with. C. Gold) - "Weirdo"

Novaa - "AI Am In Love"

Orla Gartland - "Figure It Out"

OSTON (with Michael Minelli) - "Stay for Me"

QUIÑ - "7th Heaven"

Seena - "Eyes Wide Shut"

Sofia Monroy - "Passion"

Sophie Rose - "Congratulations" (Post Malone cover)

Sparey - "Sucker"

Stella Santana & Avi Snow - "All The Time"

Stella Talpo - "Hold That Thought"

Sudan Archives - "Limitless"

Sulene - "Out of Your Head"

Tara Lee - "Killing Strangers"

Terror Jr - "Enemies"

Tess Guthrie - "Fairy Lights"

Tragic Sasha - "Tornado"

Victoria Canal - "Drama"

Violet Days - "Let It Happen" (Tame Impala cover)

Weslee - "Venus"

Winnie Raeder - "She"

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