Friday, July 27, 2018

Tilly Valentine - Coins

Introducing British electronic/trip hop artist Tilly Valentine, who has today released her rather impeccable debut single entitled "Coins" along with its accompanying music video, which she directed herself alongside Luca De Gregorio.

Born and raised in Oxfordshire, Tilly Valentine moved to London at the age of 16 where she attended the prestigious BRIT School. It was there that she occupied the unfamiliar feeling of living independently by writing with producers that met on SoundCloud. After finding German producer Mattis' music online, she began collaborating with him and they begun to send each other voice notes, beats and ideas from across the globe. By the age of 17, Tilly wrote "Coins", a song which unknowingly at the time would become her debut single. Having collaborated with Mattis online for the past four years, Tilly eventually flew out to Germany for the first time to work with him in person. Since then, "Coins" has been recorded and mastered in London’s Metropolis Studios

The young artist sings proudly in her home-grown accent, and although Valentine’s vocal background is predominately jazz influenced, "Coins" has been flipped on its head. Being recognised for her playful and conversational lyrics, the official music video highlights the song’s meaning; "It's easy to get caught up with materialistic things and think that what you do or don't have defines your worth," says Tilly. "My concept for the video was to represent resisting the temptations and not losing sight of what’s really important."

Watch the video for "Coins" below.

"Coins" is available now on iTunes.

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