Friday, July 27, 2018

Karolina Rose - Going To Berlin

Brooklyn-based Polish-American singer/songwriter Karolina Rose step back into the spotlight today with the release of her new single called "Going To Berlin". Whereas her previous release, "Goodnight, Mr. Moon", was a more mid-tempo electro-pop tune, Karolina's latest offering finds herself illuminated by the disco ball. Serving as the second single to be taken from her forthcoming debut EP, produced by multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning producer Andros Rodriguez (Christina Aguilera, Florence + the Machine, and Shakira), "Going To Berlin" is a celebration of female empowerment that marries a storytelling approach to a production style inspired by Karolina's European identity. Lyrically, the track draws its inspiration from one of Karolina's own personal inspirations - a bright, blossoming friend who dared to follow her dreams across oceans and continents.

Listen to "Going To Berlin" below.

"Going To Berlin" is available now on iTunes.

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