Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Matt Woods - In The Dark

Having already released two EP's so far, Wash Me Clean (2013) and Give Yourself Away (2014), it's almost bewildering that someone as talented as Cornwall-born singer/songwriter Matt Woods is finally getting the recognition he so rightfully deserves. After having moved to London 3 years ago to pursue his passion in music, Matt has since joined forces with Sticky Management/Studios (Ed Sheeran, Paloma Faith, Mikill Pane) where he has spent the last year or so honing his craft. The results of his hard work and determination can now be heard in his remarkable new single, "In The Dark". Co-written by The Confect, it combines Matt's soulful vocals with ethereal pianos and crisp 808s. Needless to say, "In The Dark" is easily one of the best songs we've heard so far this year by a male vocalist and we simply cannot wait to see/hear what the future has in store for this obviously very promising new artist.

In regards to the single Matt Woods explains, "It's an intimate moment, when you feel really close to someone and about how just as soon as it happens it has gone. It's sort of pleading with that someone to not wake you up from this brief moment."

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