Saturday, August 8, 2015

Patra Kay - I Am At War

Intoducing Melbourne-based electronic pop artist Patra Kay.

Born into a musical family, Patra Kay was only four years old when she gave her first public performance busking alongside her dad, who played harmonica whilst she sang and hit a lagerphone (showing an early aptitude for creating beats).

Raised on a steady diet of Australian bush and folk music (her grandfather Harry Kay formed the original Bushwackers), Patra's first exposure to pop music wasn’t until a chance encounter with her best friend's CD Walkman on a Grade 5 school excursion: "It was the first time I had heard Brandy, Mariah Carey and the Spice Girls, I was hooked," she recalls. From there, she moved on to the more experimental pop of artists such as Sia, Imogen Heap and Kate Miller-Heidke.

Part pop seductress, part innocent ingénue, Patra is an always captivating live presence. Joining her on stage is the ace rhythm section of bassist Sonja van den Berg and drummer Alistair Cook. Together they put on a show full of powerfully soulful songs shot through with haunting piano and deep seductive grooves.

Listen and watch the animiated video for her debut single, "I Am At War" below and be on the lookout for her forthcoming debut EP, Static due out later this year, which she produced herself along with long-time collaborator Adam Wilson.

"I Am At War" is available now as a free download (for a limited time) via Bandcamp.

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