Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jessie Siren - The Sway

Introducing Seattle-based artist Jessie Siren, who at the age of 18, released her first album under the name Jessie Houghton. Since then Jessie has played hundreds of shows and has toured throughout the United States and South America as an acoustic act.

In 2012, Jessie met electronic music producer Steven Trueba (aka Candlight) and together they began working on a soundtrack for a short film. Although she had never considered dabbling in electronic music before, Steven’s production style for the soundtrack intrigued her and soon Jessie and Steven began working on more collaborative projects. Leading into 2014 the pair put all their energy into a full-time project under Jessie Siren’s name and now with her focus set on summer 2016, Jessie has plans to break out a string of releases. This includes originals, remixes, videos, and an innovative approach to her live performance as well as a custom visual journey to complement her intimate storytelling.

Today, Jessie has released her first-ever single under her current name called "The Sway", an electronic track rooted with a deep tribal bass to complement the house rhythms in the chorus while the lyrics remind us that all we have is NOW. Jessie’s mantra is inscribed into the verses to emphasize the meditative concept of becoming aware of our own rhythms and returning to the source.

"Music is one of the greatest teachers. It draws us into the moment, into to the flow. Don't fight it, move with it - sway with it."

Listen to "The Sway" below.

Download "The Sway" for FREE here, here or here.

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