Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jorja - Blue Lights

Introducing 18-year-old British newcomer Jorja. Originally from Walsall in the Midlands and currently based in South London, Jorja is a breath of fresh air, creating beautifully emotive and haunting music. Influenced by a range of sounds from Mos Def to Lauryn Hill, and The Streets and brought up on a blend of Trojan Records boxsets, Curtis Mayfield and Damien Marley, Jorja soon became a classically trained vocalist, and continued to broaden her musical palate during secondary school. It was while analysing Dizzee Rascals' "Sirens", that Jorja was inspired to create her debut single, "Blue Lights."

Whilst on a break, Jorja was listening to a collection of beats and stumbled across one by a producer named Joice. She proceeded to freestyle over the beat, and the first verse just flowed our of her; the rest of the song soon followed. The key theme, and lyrical content focuses on the notion of not feeling guilty for other people’s issue; not to take on an emotion that you don’t need to feel.
"The song is the beginning of my journey, and I wanted to start from home," Jorja explains. "Back home in Walsall is where I started writing, and this song is influenced by what I grew up around."
Jorja is currently keeping herself busy by writing songs with an incredible array of artists while in-between also working shifts at Starbucks.

Listen to "Blue Lights" below and be sure to watch this space as there is plenty more music to come from Jorja in the coming months.

Premiere via Pigeons and Planes.

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