Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kenzie May - Never Find Another

Boston-born, London-based songstress Kenzie May first came to our attention back in early 2012 when she was featured as a guest vocalist on Sub Focus' "Falling Down" and again later that year on BeataCue's "Slow Down". In 2013, she released her debut single, "Hide & Seek" and has since continued to collaborate with other artists such as FTSE's on "Float" and Vindata on both "Wide Awake" and "All I Really Need" as well as appearing as as backup vocalist on Metronomy's 2014 album, Love Letters. Now following the release of her Skeleton Key EP, which scored her a fair amount of praise from reputable tastemakers along with her previous track, "Honey" - an emotional piano-led ballad about of love and loss which premiered on i-D back in late December, Kenzie returns with her new single called "Never Find Another", which could very well be her most impressive solo offering to date.

Speaking on the track, Kenzie says:

"The whole thing's a little tongue-in-cheek. The concept that you're unique like a snowflake and no one will ever come close to being as interesting, as wild, as good between the sheets, at making them laugh as hard, whatever it is... it's pretty ridiculous. Will they find happiness with someone else? Probably, but I guess I'm a romantic in the sense that in love, I do fall into this headspace where - at least in my mind - I'm giving it all, and the thought of someone ever being capable of loving this person as wholly as I do is laughable. It's disillusioning, but it's kind of beautiful to become enamoured with the idea of love and soul mates and really live in this reality where what you have with someone is something that can never be recreated or experienced that way again. 'Never Find Another' is maybe more of an affirmation than a straight fact, it's one of the things you tell yourself when you're living in those moments of nostalgia for love lost. It's not necessarily 'I am okay', it's 'I will be okay.'"

Stream both "Never Find Another" and "Honey" below.

"Never Find Another" is available now on iTunes.

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