Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Los Angeles-based duo FRENSHIP, comprised of James Sunderland and Brett Hite, first met while selling spandex at Lululemon, a gig that helped fund their individual musical pursuits. The experience inspired and nurtured their deep creative union, as they eventually came together during nights to craft the music that would become FRENSHIP.

Now following their previous single "Nowhere" and a collaboration with Norwegian producer Matoma, FRENSHIP returns with their new single "Carpet", a swirling composition of beachy pop lyricism and undeniably peppy refrains. It opens with a chorale of voices in unison, almost reminiscently tribal, as it builds into the sweet, yet raw undertones of the chorus. Resounding drums echo the adolescent lust of FRENSHIP’s melodies with a high-energy, danceable beat as they croon, "stretch yourself thin, so I can be with you once again".

Speaking on the track, FRENSHIP's James Sunderland says:

"'Carpet' was written during a stressful time in my life where I was feeling like I couldn’t get my feet under me. It’s about a conversation I had with an ex while we were lying on the carpet floor of my room and she was telling me I had to “do more” with my life. It’s a conversation that still rings in my head to this day."

Listen to "Carpet" below and stay tuned for more new music from FRENSHIP as they're currently preparing for the release of their debut EP, due out this spring.

Premiere via Billboard.

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